Sunday, January 11, 2009

Days 7-10

So I got very busy this week, but I still took my photos. I just didn't get around to posting them until now.

This is Zachary at about 6am eating breakfast before school on Day 7.

This one is obviously two photos merged. I just love each one of my kids, so I combined them for Day 8. They just love playing on our boat. It's too bad it doesn't run.

On Day 9, we headed to Walt Disney World. Lorelei was following Matt and doing all these nutty things with her hands and giggling wildly. I laughed so hard at her, and had to snap a photo. This was my favorite of the ones I got that night.

On Day 10, we went to a classroom birthday party. Zachary and the other boys were jumping from the park stage, and I caught this one of Zachary and just loved the shadow behind him and the action of his body.




  1. great photos and love the last one...great jumping shot!

  2. LOVE that shadow on the last one, but all are a great collection of those little moments. Keep sharing :)

  3. Great pics, the last one is really special.

  4. Great photos, capturing your family! Love the colors in the sky on the night shot, and the shadow is really cool behind your skater. :)

  5. What fun pics of your family! Love the jumping one with the shadow, and the fun and games while following the adult.